Quick Licks

Until Now!

We have loved deeply and passionately. We have shared moments and memories, both good and bad. I thought I had been touched in the deepest parts of myself both emotionally and physically…Until Now!

Our eyes meet across the crowded room. I drop my gaze to entice her closer. I move deliberately, slower and more seductive because I can feel her eyes following me. I make my way through the room away from her as I brush myself against friends and strangers allowing their bodies to softly caress my senses. I brush along their backs and arms, trim waists and firm round asses, foreplay on my way to the garden where I await her.

Without turning I know her behind me. She takes my throat in her hand and pulls me back against her. Hot sweet breath washes my exposed neck and back while her hand slips up under my dress and into the side of my wet panties. She gathers the silky lubricant I so lustfully provide and burnishes me into a loud frenzied quivering orgasm. She releases me and when I stumble around to face her, she is leading our spectators in applause. I have never been prouder to be with her…Until Now!

The Windoew seat

My bedroom has a window seat that looks down onto the Atlantic Ocean. I spend a great deal of time nestled in the large cushioned platform both reading and writing. The cozy space, sound of the surf, and balmy breeze draw me in like a muse. The morning sun warms the cotton throw and pillows, a welcoming spot to dry from my daily shower. My long damp hair will fall down my back, chilling my skin, orI can twist it into a tight swirl, setting it to one side of my shoulder to dry in the sun as I lie back. The lace curtains dance to the warm ocean breeze; occasionally they brush me like a familiar lover. I start each day scanning the horizon for infinite possibilities.

I watch her run past every morning. I watch her fit and firm body stride to a cadence all her own, and my heart skips to her rhythm. I crave her touch. The power of her bare tanned legs ripples in my mind. I soon feel them between my thighs, forcing their access while persuading my will to bend. My legs wrap and intertwine with hers. Her tight stomach presses against mine, and I feel her chest heave and fall against my breasts. I can smell her labored breath washing my neck and face, sweet and hot—her face so close to mine, the sweat dripping from her brow while her fingers tightly grip my ass as she plunges into me. The lust burns deep in her dark eyes.

My fingernails dig into her back, forcing her deeper. Her cadence is now mine. I quiver beneath her. She penetrates more than my body. My eyes close tight as I wrap everything I have around her. Pull her deeper into me, both inside and out. Time stands still while we are one. Her thrust floods my very existence. I flood us both. She washes out with my uncontrollable push to the other side of ecstasy. I wait for her to join me there, and we collide into a simultaneous burst of completeness. I fall limp under her, breathless, full, and content. My eyes open, I roll to the window. The breeze blows across my wetness.

I look down. Her footprints are all that is left in the sand below.


I run this beach every morning. It provides an essential workout while hiding in plain view. And what a view. Sitting up there framed like a priceless piece of art. My shorts get wet half a mile from actually seeing her. My heart reaches target rate and sets my watch off far too early in my run. I can see right into her window, but she’s looking beyond me; beyond the sea even. Her dark hair falls across her chest, playing a cruel game of hide and seek.

In my mind, I swirl that hair around my hand, creating a lead with which to command her. As I tug, she follows willingly. I stand her before me. The soft curves caress my mind as I run my hands across her smooth skin. The scent of her mixes with the crisp salt air as I breathe in deep to consume her. Her need fills me.

I turn her sharply, forcing her forward, bent over the sun-drenched window seat she so proudly taunts me from every morning. I kick her feet apart and force her head down. Her hips rise to me. Her small diamond-shaped access glistens with her failure to hide her lust.

I run my fingers from her pulsing clit back to the tight pucker of her yet-unexplored ass. The line of warm silk promises a delicious trail back when I am ready. The sun-kissed cheeks beg for a splash more color. I rub the smooth warm skin, contemplating the heat that will soon burn my belly as I fuck her from behind. I strike the first blow. The fire builds between us; I am drawn uncontrollably to the flame.

I move in close to her trembling body, push against her furious skin, and plunge deep into her. I feel her grab me from within. She holds tight as I pull then push deeper each time. I drive all I am into her. Feeling her take me, feeling her want ignite my senses. I misplace my need in hers. I want her to feel me in every part of her being. I want her to know me there… right there.

Hot fluid washes my hand, floods past to my stomach and down onto the floor, mixing with my own release. She loosens her hold and then pushes from within; a power that washes me out of her. I stand over her limp gasping body, admiring the waves of satisfaction left behind. I look up at the lace curtains blowing across the empty window seat above.