Meet Laura


The antiquated bookstore I’d inherited from my grandfather was quiet—too quiet. The echoes of my childhood adventures and discoveries faded into the dusty shelves behind the empty register. Sitting at his desk petting the old gray cat had become my routine between 10:00 and 6:00, six days a week, with much of that time spent wondering why I was holding on to the place at all.

For me or him?

She walked in from nowhere that early fall afternoon. The sound of her boots echoed on the wood floor. Up and down each aisle they tapped a steady pace, and my subconscious fell in with their cadence.

Suddenly it was quiet and I looked up. There she stood with a stack of heavy hardbound books that made a thud as she dropped them down on the counter between us.

“I’ve been looking for these everywhere. You have a wonderful and rare collection.”

My mind tried to comprehend the words as my body swarmed with feelings long abandoned.

“Thank you,” was all I was be able to say.

I knew the moment I looked into her dark penetrating eyes and tantalizing smile, she would consume me. And I was ready to be consumed.

Lesson One

The sound of the old brass bell over the door and those boots across the floor caused my heart to flutter. The jeans and light leather jacket suited her strong, well-built saunter.

“Good evening, Laura.” Her tone and presence were, as ever, confident and assertive. She kissed me on the cheek.

There had to be much more to her than what I’d discovered over the past few weeks. We shared a passion for good books, good food, and mind-blowing sex. Somehow I still felt there was more. Some place deeper than she had allowed me to go yet. Deeper than she was ready to reveal.

“Are you ready?” Her hand nudged me forward to the stairway leading up to my apartment over the bookstore.

“Are we in a hurry?” I circled around her playfully. “I have to lock up.”

“I already have.” She took my elbow in her firm hand and placed me back on the path in front of her, and then placed it in the small of my back to guide me.

The door closed soundly behind us. She turned me toward her and then pulled me in close for an almost hungry kiss. Scanning her strong face, I noticed her eyes were darker than usual, and there was a mischievous feel to her touch.

“Are we going out tonight?”

“No; I have something else in mind.”

Staying in was good. I hadn’t seen her for several days, and I was so hot for her.

“I’ll order takeout. Would you like a drink?” I backed slowly away from the intense stare that devoured me. Her eyes had a way of pulling me in and allowing her an access I was normally very protective of.

As I turned, she pulled me back, almost roughly. I stumbled for balance while she held me to another deep passionate kiss. My eyes closed while my body surrendered to her much more quickly than I had intended.

She slowly released each button of my tailored cotton blouse and pushed it off my shoulders while she engulfed any resistance in the kiss. The blouse and my bra dropped to the floor together. Her hot hands floated just above my skin, and the fine hairs raised to greet them. My skirt was on the floor at my feet. Her fingers dipped into the front of my panties to confirm the desire my body refused to conceal.

A dizzying quick turn, and I was pushed against the cool rough stucco wall. Her strong hand pressed firmly to my back, holding me there until my resistance stopped. Cold metal cuffs were placed on my wrists and she held them firm to the small of my back.

“What the hell…?” I struggled against her hold, wondering when exactly I let this happen.

Trying to turn and knowing I couldn’t was almost a pleasurable moment. My thoughts ran wild between the emotions.

She leaned against me, close to my ear. “Relax, Laura. I won’t hurt you.”

Pressed between her heat and the cold wall caused me to shudder. Her tongue slid over my neck as she traced a hot damp path across my shoulders while her breath chilled the trails. Short perfectly groomed nails lightly scraped across the exposed flesh of my ass, and a deep sigh of pleasure washed across me.

Another quick turn forced me back to the wall, pinning my cuffed hands behind me. She took a deep audible whiff of my fragrance. I wanted her so badly I forgot my confinement and pushed toward her. She backed away, pushing me harder against the prickly wall.

“Just stand there.” She held me with her arm fully extended and looked me over as if sizing me up for something. I suddenly felt shame and tried to force myself from the wall.

She moved back in close. “I said, ‘stand there.’”

The cuffs cut into my wrists to remind me of my situation. I was at the complete mercy of someone I had only known a short time; yet somehow I felt safe.

She reached into her front pocket. The sound of the blade switching open stopped my breath, and my feeling of safety melted back into uncertainty.

Placing her fingers inside the thin hip string of my panties, she cut them loose: first one side, then the other. The back edge of the blade slid cold and threatening against my skin. She pulled the fabric roughly from between my clenched legs and kicked my feet apart with the tip of her boot. As I slid down into the open stance, the stucco scratched my bare back.

She reached in between my legs and discovered the result her aggression had conjured. Her fingers swirled in my silky wet submission. I pressed my head back to the wall and pushed my hips forward, craving her touch.

I want to hold her, but I can’t. I want to touch her, but I can’t.

She held my yearning just this side of satisfaction. As my belly shuddered to the onset of my climax, she pulled her fingers out and slid them, warm and wet, up to my lips.

“Taste it, Laura; taste your consent.”

I turned my head, embarrassed both by her request and by my own arousal at the scent. She pressed her wet fingers to my lips and pushed them in just as she had done with my pussy. I took in a breath and tasted myself for the first time in my life. Even when I masturbated, I never tasted my fingers. As the flavor and the aroma took me, I sucked and licked her hand. It felt a bit like a blow job—something I hadn’t done since before coming out in college.

“Beautiful,” she whispered.

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