Meet Beth

My best friend Carlie had finally convinced me to go with her to shop for a special Christmas gift for her girlfriend Lynn. Carlie and I became fast friends soon after we met, and when she finally told me she was gay, it just didn’t seem to matter. I came from a very small town and wasn’t really exposed too much beyond the borders of our tight knit, closed-minded community.

Once I discovered where we were going and exactly what kind of gifts we were shopping for, the shy and naïve small town girl came rushing back. Carlie told me what she had in mind, and I was sure I wasn’t the best person to take on that adventure. After much discussion, I finally agreed to go along with her. However, sitting in front of the flashing neon sign was almost more than I could handle. I felt the blood rush to my face and my palms began to sweat, as the letters appeared one by one: T O Y L A N D. And then the biggest penis I had ever seen flashed over and over in front of my eyes. I froze, unable to get out of the car. Carlie practically had to drag me through the door, and once we were inside I realized just how sheltered I really was.

The walls were covered with things I had never imagined. I felt Carly’s finger under my chin as she pushed my lower jaw back into place.

“I don’t think I can do this.” I grabbed her arm and tried to pull her back to the door.

Carlie held on, tightly resisting my pull. “You’ll be fine, Beth. Just take a deep breath, and it’ll be over before you know it. And who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy it.” Her warm, caring smile was little help. She took a few steps forward before I realized she was much too far away from me for my comfort. I rushed back to her side and clung to her arm like a frightened child.

Someone approached us, and I gripped onto Carlie even tighter before I looked up.

“Hello, ladies. I’m Jay. Welcome to Toyland.”

Her eyes washed over me from head to toe. She was tall and like no one I had ever met before. Her entire appearance, from the short mannish haircut to her clothing and black leather boots, was masculine.

“I’m Carlie. This is Beth.”

Carlie didn’t seem intimidated at all she pulled her arm free from my grasp to shake hands with the woman. I stood frozen as she turned her attention back to me and held her hand out once again. When I reluctantly placed my hand in hers, she brought it up to her lips and kissed the tops of my fingers. I pulled my hand back quickly and blurted out, “I’m with her…we’re together.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you… and your girlfriend.” Jay smiled as if she knew I was lying.

I pulled Carlie past Jay to escape the looks she was giving me. I wasn’t sure what they meant, but I was sure we needed to finish our shopping and get out of there as fast as possible. I heard her deep voice from behind us: “If you ladies have any questions… just let me know.”

We wandered around the store for several minutes trying to figure out what half the stuff was and what the other half was used for. Each time I looked up Jay was watching us. I would quickly look away and let go of what ever I had in my hand that might be causing that insidious grin she had on her lips. Carlie stuffed things into the tool belt she was outfitting for her lover, and we laughed like schoolgirls as we read some of the directions. Some of the gadgets even made Carlie blush. I was just trying to make it through while keeping my eyes open and my mouth closed.

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