Meet Carlie and Beth

On December 22nd I convinced my best friend Beth to do some last-minute Christmas shopping with me. We had already taken care of the usual family and friends… that was the easy stuff. I, however, was in search of the perfect “tools” with which to load the large leather tool belt for my lover Lynn. Her incessant hinting made this year’s choice easy. She was sort of a do-it-yourselfer, and our home was her permanent project.

Beth was all about having a lesbian BFF, but was squeamish when it came to the details of our sex life. Hell, she was squeamish about her own sex life. I convinced her she was the only one I could count on and I couldn’t possibly do this mission on my own. She reluctantly agreed. I agreed to protect her. From what? I wondered.

I was anxious to check out the new “toy store” one town over. Beth sat silently beside me in the car as we made our way up and down the unfamiliar streets. I could sense her tension. Her tapping foot shook her leg rapidly as she rubbed her palms across the tops of her jeans. I pulled into a parking spot right up front.

“Are you crazy, Carlie? What if somebody we know sees us?” She looked around like we were making a drug deal.

I laughed at her. “Get out of the car, Beth. I don’t think anybody up here knows you.”

Beth was still sitting in the car. I stood there waiting for her.

“Come on, chicken.” I said, as I opened the car door to encourage her out.

She pulled her jacket tight around her while we slowly made our way toward the large neon sign flashing one letter at a time. T-O-Y-L-A-N-D. She leaned in close and whispered, “What if they think we’re together?”

I laughed. “That would be good. Wouldn’t it?”

She tossed her indignant pretty face and long fire-red hair toward me. “Why?”

“Because, silly, if we’re together, then no one will hit on us.”

She stopped in her tracks just before the door. “I don’t know how to act gay.”

“Oh, for God’s sake, we’re shopping, not putting on a play.” I reached for the handle as a bit of unexpected panic flooded me as well. Shyness was not a usual flaw of mine, but for some reason being in a place like this without Lynn felt a little like cheating.

Beth halted just a few steps inside the door. I looked over at her; she was a bright shade of crimson. Her mouth and eyes were wide. She looked like one of the blow-up dolls hanging on the wall directly ahead of us.

I had no idea she’d never been exposed to an adult toy store. I took her by the arm and propelled her along physically. As we stepped forward I stumbled into a tall, well-built woman in worn jeans and black leather motorcycle boots. Her forearms were tanned and muscular beneath the rolled up sleeves of her starched white shirt. One of my weaknesses – strong forearms.

She placed her large firm hands on my hips to steady me. They lingered long after I regained my balance. Her dark brooding eyes washed over me. Both her stare and her hands held me. Beth took me by the arm and pulled me back just out of her reach.

“Hello, ladies. I’m Jay. Welcome to Toyland.” Her hand extended toward me.

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