Hello everyone

My name is Mia Savage and I’d like to Come Out!

I write hot lesbian erotica for fun and the irrefutable seduction of my girlfriend. We are passionate and monogamous. She says it’s because I have enough personalities to keep her from ever having to cheat on me: She never knows which of my characters might be home to greet her when she walks through the door. It is all about the sex in my opinion. I’m not in it for a roommate. This approach has enhanced our relationship for many years.

My stories are loving, seductive, and sexually charged contemporary erotica about hot women with real lives who just happen to share an obsession for dangerous and passionate sex. Dominate Dykes and oh-so-submissive subs exploring the limits of both their physical and emotional relationships lead you on a ride not soon forgotten.

“One of my favorite positions is on my knees, fingers laced behind my head awaiting her touch," says Emily from Forgotten Hunger, releasing late 2013.

Mia Savage


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1001 Nights Press publishes quality erotic fiction from both new and established authors, in areas ranging from erotic romance to hardcore bdsm. Our authors write about their own passions with intelligence, wit, sensitivity, and experience to bring you the best in erotic fantasy.For requests for review copies or author interviews:

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